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What to pack

There is nothing like going on a road trip or traveling to another country and having this feeling of excitement and at the same time worried because you don’t know what to pack.

Well don’t worry because we understand how you are feeling and that is why below is a check list for you to use as you pack for your trip and stay with us:

Known for our Sub Tropical Climate, we have hot sunny days in summer and warm winter days with evenings that are cool in temperature. It is always best to be prepared.

Focus On Comfort when packing your bags.

- Hat/cap

- Wind Breaker (wet/dry)

- Short and Long pants

- Cool Tops

- Warm Tops

- A Scarf

- Costumes

- Socks

- Under Garments

- Appropriate Shoes (lots of walking and out activities)


- Itinerary/ Travel Directions/ Reservation Confirmations

- Binoculars

- Camera

- Phone

- Charging Cables

- Adaptors

- Portable Power Bank

- ID Documents (passport, drivers license)

- Cash and Credit Cards

- Sunglasses

- Sunscreen

- Insect Repellent (available in all supermarkets across SA)

- Drinking Water

- Small Medical Kit that contains

· a general salve

· pain medication

· nausea medication

· sanitizer

· plasters

· anything else that you may need

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